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Connectivity Engineer

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Cloud Services

Hosting, DNS, Backup, & More

Network Security

NAC, Radius, Firewall & More

Emergency Support

Network Assistance Center 24x7x365

xISP Operations

Layer 1- Layer 7 We got you covered.

Billing & Automation

Splynx, VISP, PowerCode, BillMax, & More.

Turn Key ISP Solutions

Industry Proven Infrastructure As A Service Solution (Iaas) to enable most any Entrepreneur the ability to start an ISP and hit the ground running with a Partner Dedicated to your success.

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Certified PTP & PTMP Wireless ISP Specialists

Cambium, Mikrotik, Siklu Ubiquiti, Mimosa, BaiCells LTE, TelRad SAF are just a few of the Manufactures we partner with, have certifications from and deal with on a day to day basis


We listen to your business needs and design a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.    


Our Certified WISP Engineers ensure the project stays on track and each milestone is met.  Every solution is tested prior to implementation as well as making sure the mentoring process is done so your staff are not left with a solution they find difficult to operate.

3 Ms: Mentoring | Monitoring | Modifications

We are available 24x7x365 to assist with ongoing support, future changes,  proactive monitoring as well as mentoring & training with our 3M’s Approach.

Network Connectivity

Leverage the relationships we have with National and Regional Carriers to obtain DIA, VPSL, MPLS, Choose Layer 2 options and build to an IX or Datacenter  or go Dark and Mux your own – the options are endless when it comes to Connectivity Engineer Empowering your network.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

It is All About Access.  We have the partnerships that will allow you to leverage multiple Tier 1 provider’s to bring the highest level of service to your endpoint – no matter where that is.  

Build Your Own Blend + Exchange = Awesomesauce

This sounds much more difficult than it really is.   Leverage the best of both worlds –  Hit that chat button OR fill in the Contact Us form so we can help explain why this is often the best option for most small ISP’s  and enterprise customers.   

Mux It Up or go with Finished Ethernet

Buying a Strand or a Wave often is a great way to leverage other parties fiber networks but be in charge of your own destiny.    If Finished Ethernet is available – this is often a less expensive option and can often provide the same level of service required.    No matter what the need – our staff is ready and able to help locate the best service options to meet and exceed your needs.    

BackOffice Operational Support & Billing Systems

Connectivity.Engineer is well known for supporting our customers with off the shelf and customized backoffice operational platforms including the Industries Top 3 Systems

SPLYNX *North American Distributor

Connectivity.Engineer is the Official North American Distributor for Splynx.   Not only can we host the platform, answer questions and provide support for this awesome system – we can help you set it up in your own datacenter or cloud provider of your choosing.

VISP *Authorized Integration Partner

As an Authorized VISP Partner, our team has grown to not only LOVE but understand the VISP platform (UBO) as well as assist the VISP team in the next Evolution of their platform.    We are proud to support the VISP platform and call their team an extension of our own.

PowerCode *Authorized Integration Partner

As an Authorized PowerCode Integrator & Partner, our team has studied, used, implemented, Hosted, and taught the ins and outs of the PowerCode platform for over data center years.  Use the Contact Form Below to have our team get you started


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Connectivity Engineer has been a valuable addition to our team.   The Marketing concepts alone plus the support has helped us grow over 850% in just 3 years

Adeline Jarkabvoch

Baltic FX Network Systems

We started with this company that promised to was less than helpful building our Local Loop.  Then we met Glenn’s Team and got rescued.  Amazing Folks

Jason Farmingdale

EFIN Internet

We tried a few marketing guru’s  that claimed they understood. WISPS.  After moving to Connectivity Engineer our business has grown over 1200%

L Wood

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