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AT&T has 2 Opinionsof Fiber

AT&T says fiber Internet is a “superior” technology that is built for today and the future because of its ability to deliver symmetrical upload and download speeds of 1Gbps and higher. AT&T also says that “there is no compelling evidence” to support the deployment of fiber across the US and that rural people should be satisfied with nonfiber Internet access that provides only 10Mbps upload speeds.

Who hears the different opinions… well that depends: Are you an investor or the Government.

To the Government, AT&T states that there is No Compelling Evidence to support Fiber across the USA
To their Investors – Fiber is the greatest thing since sliced bread…

AT&T’s message about fiber’s future-proof nature and its superiority over cable and DSL was delivered to investors stating it will bring fiber Internet to a few million more homes and businesses by the end of this year. 

“In 2021, AT&T plans to increase its fiber footprint by an additional 3 million customer locations across more than 90 metro areas,” AT&T said. This would raise AT&T’s fiber deployment to about 18 million homes and businesses.

AT&T provided a list of the 90 metro areas here. The vast majority of them already have AT&T fiber access, as seen in this AT&T fiber map.

AT&T however has a much different message when it comes to the government: AT&T Executive VP Joan Marsh detailed the company’s stance in a blog post titled “Defining Broadband For the 21st Century.” 

“[T]here would be significant additional cost to deploy fiber to virtually every home and small business in the country, when at present there is no compelling evidence that those expenditures are justified over the service quality of a 50/10 or 100/20Mbps product,” AT&T wrote. (That would be 50Mbps download speeds with 10Mbps upload speeds or 100Mbps downloads with 20Mbps uploads.)

AT&T said that “overbuilding” areas that already have acceptable speeds “would needlessly devalue private investment and waste broadband-directed dollars.”

“Overbuilding” is what the broadband industry calls one ISP building in an area already served by another ISP, whereas Internet users desperate for cheaper, faster, and more reliable service call that “broadband competition.”

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