September 11, 2017

9/11 16 years later

The scent of death- is an unmistakable smell.   I remember it well –   I lived fighting the stain of death – the stain of […]
July 11, 2017

Stupidly Simple DDoS Protocol (SSDP) generates 100 Gbps DDoS via CloudFlares Blog

Last month shared statistics on some popular reflection attacks. Back then the average SSDP attack size was ~12 Gbps and largest SSDP reflection we recorded was: 30 […]
July 11, 2017

Color Coding Indoor Fiber Optic Cables

As a Wireless Operator for generations now – most of the market has decided to use specific color ethernet wire for specific purposes.     As […]
April 30, 2017
Your WISP should feel at home in a datacenter

Edge at a Datacenter for my WISP

Today in one of the forums we participate in once again we were asked the question:  Should I place my gear in the Datacenter or in […]