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The ISPtionary

making up new words is fun…ner..isticly awesome ASKHole – The phenomenon of asking experts for their opinion or how to and then ignoring their advice and trying to go it on your own. AutoMagically– When something just works – sets itself up automatically like magic. Backwards Intelligence – The phenomenon of thinking wrongly about everything while thinking you’re intelligent. Blurify – The use of… Read More »The ISPtionary

CloudFlare Genius

So I was watching a few of the CloudFlare Connect video feed. Vijay Chauhan, Sr Director applications…..something…something… Marketing….. @ Cloudflare should get an award for being a marketing Genius While explaining how to deliver Network as a Service – including VPN services – he did so from a Hotel Room. Not only did he tell us you could do it… Read More »CloudFlare Genius

Cambium Update before Jan 2022

Sometimes a friend writes a blog post that is so informative – it is just worth copying … BUT since Justin Wilson did a great write up – We instead are just going to point over to his blog https://blog.j2sw.com/equipment-2/important-cambium-upgrade-by-july-1-2021/ NOTE this was extended till Jan 31, 2022 If stuck and need some help – let us or Justin Wilson… Read More »Cambium Update before Jan 2022

15 dollar plan deemed illegal regulation

$15 Internet in NY = Regulation and Illegal

NY took it upon themselves to force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide a budget $15 plan to anyone that was low-income. Federal law however would call this “Rate Regulation” and a Federal Judge agreed. On Friday June 11, the New York broadband industry won in court represented by numerous lobbying groups including the New York State Telecommunications Association, USTelecom,… Read More »$15 Internet in NY = Regulation and Illegal

non functioning FCC

Pai’s Legacy Reigns FCC

Biden’s failure to fill empty FCC slot has consumer advocates increasingly worried. Biden failed to break the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)’s 2-2 partisan deadlock. Biden has been in office now for close to 5 months and yet has to nominate anyone for the 5th seat. In April 2021 over 100K people signed a petition on the Battle for the NET… Read More »Pai’s Legacy Reigns FCC

Biden’s Budget & 1099

The US Government, under the presidency of Biden, released its 2022 budget. With this the promise of employment protection for 1099 workers has some folks wondering where this leaves them. Specifically the ISP marketplace uses a lot of 1099 workers. While frustrations from companies like Lyft and others are sure to be voiced – lots of companies including WISP, Tower… Read More »Biden’s Budget & 1099

Creative Commons Zero Joins WordPress

The WordPress community has long advocated for a repository with GPL-compatible images, and it’s time to listen to that need. CC Search, a CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) image search engine, is joining the WordPress project with over 500 million openly licensed and public domain images discoverable from over 50 sources, audio and video soon to come. For those who are… Read More »Creative Commons Zero Joins WordPress

200mhz Is Important

If at least 200 MHz of point-to-point mid-band spectrum were made available for fixed wireless, the U.S. could reduce the need to subsidize rural broadband deployments, said Claude Aiken, president and CEO of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) He is 100% correct. Spectrum is the #1 issue Fixed Wireless providers across the United States find themselves fighting. WISPA… Read More »200mhz Is Important

Zayo Acquires IFN

Indiana Fiber Network, a great regional provider has been acquired by ZAYO. The addition of IFN to Zayo’s holdings gives Zayo more than 7,500 route miles and on-net connectivity to more than 2,000 buildings, data centers and cell sites in the state. At present operations will continue at IFN’s Indianapolis headquarters. read more from their press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210601005222/en/Zayo-Completes-Acquisition-of-Intelligent-Fiber-Network