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One of the most controversial disciplines I have advocated and teach is an email system that will save hours of time for you every week if you embrace it.

Most folks I teach this to – look like a guy fearing the apocalypse is underfoot and are ready to run to the hills … at least when they hear it

Those that have taken the time to implement this system swear by it however.

The system works like this:

1. Setup a NEW email account NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT except your assistant, or setup a folder for printouts etc.

2. Set your new email accounts reply email to your original email

3. Turn your original email over to your assistant or to someone you trust. This means they check your email for you multiple times throughout the day.

4. Divide all of your emails into three categories:

a. Junk emails: Have your assistant clear these out. You’ll never see another spam email again.

b. Informational emails: These are all emails that you must read eventually but aren’t urgent and don’t need a reply (e.g., newsletters and articles). Schedule a block of time to read them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

c. Response emails: These are emails that need a response. They fall into two categories—ones your assistant can respond to and ones that you need to respond to (this should be 50/50). For the ones that you need to respond to, get those forwarded to your new priority email and then respond.

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