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Mikrotik Security Reminder (backups)

Mikrotik, one of the most inexpensive and yet widely used router platforms in the ISP world, on versions RouterOS 6.44 and prior, used the routers username/password to encrypt the backups by default.

RouterOS 6.45 and beyond does NOT encrypt backups unless you specifically choose to do so.

Now – Why is this important?

While investigating a network that was compromised, we began logging and grabbing packets and an older password was being used to gain access to routers.

That being said – you can easily encrypt your backups by manually doing them and choosing encryption, from terminal making sure you specifically ask for encryption
Example: # system backup save dont-encrypt=no encryption=aes-sha256 password=”chooseAStrongPasswordHere”

Connectivity.Engineer suggests a great system like Unimus. We were originally introduced to Unimus by Justin Wilson and then had the Privilege of having a booth next to Unimus at the MUM in Austin TX. While there we learned quite a bit about the product – and have installed it, had to ask a few times for support from Tomas and after trying other products (many even free) Unimus for automation takes the cake hands down.

In any event – make sure to download ALL backups and destroy any that are NOT encrypted once you have a new backup. (or make sure the non-encrypted are safe under lock and key)

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