Mikrotik Certified Engineers from Connectivity.Engineer provide Mikrotik Consulting & support for any organization needing assistance with Mikrotik's full line of Carrier-class hardware. Our Support engineers provide Round the Clock Global Professional Services including award winning worldwide design, consulting, implementation and managed networks Utilizing the Mikrotik RouterOS Software & Hardware Routing and Switching platforms with or without integration with other vendor platforms.


Integrating MikroTik solutions into large-scale networks is our specialty. From the standard setup to advanced options including MPLS our engineering team loves pushing what many believe is a boundry to what we see as the norm across the Networking Industry


Scale an end-to-end system of network devices across multiple locations is possible without an Enterprise Fortune 100 budget. Our Engineers are proud to support the Mikrotik Product Line because it allows our customers to spend much less and gain much more.


A large portion of our customer base are self taught professionals... Much of the time they are able to "make things work" however... miss a large portion of the functionality available because of a lack of knowledge about its existence ... or worse yet - How. When you get formal training it’s like a light comes on and you suddenly are able to make the gear do everything it is capable of. , Mikrotik has been overseeing the training of more than 100,000 students worldwide. Connectivity.Engineer offers a number of Mikrotik Vendor Specfic courses with varying scope and level of expertise so you can begin or develop your career in the Broadband (ISP), and Enterprise Network Industry. Our Organization would be proud to train you in any number of various certifications from Mikrotik.

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