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Have you ever started a conversation with a new employee or a new (or existing) customer and just a few minutes into it your stomach begins to clench, your heart begins to pound throuhg your chest and you feel like you need to just run… even if you cannot?

When things get uncomfortable – the body and minds reaction is simple: Fight or Flight. As we are in a civilized world most often we simply argue (fight) vs going to fists … OR just want the conversation to come to an end and we need to walk away as quickly as possible.

This happens when there is mismatch of core values between the parties involved.

If you ask the most successful business owners each will tell you they surround themselves with the “Right” people. Knowing your core values allows for you to pick the right people be it an employee, vendor, client, church group, etc. . .

Success begins with being around people who share their values with you. It is much easier to build deeper trust, lead and be led which results in Faster Growth, as an individual, leader, and as a business. Shared Values allows for most everything to simply work.

Recently in a sales meeting an employee told the CEO of a company for which I am consulting -” I am going to do things my way.”
Rather than bringing ideas to the table, Rather than sticking to the methods in place, this employee is choosing to simply Go it Alone.

Do they Get what is needed?
Do they Want to be part of the Team?
Do they have the Capacity to do the job as the company leadership demands?

This tension is felt by everyone.
In fact this same employee was moved because one person in leadership thought they might be the right person in the wrong seat where as the other members of the leadership team said it was time for him to be let go.

When I have an unreasonably emotional reaction to someone, I immediately see a lousy core value fit… be it with them or with me.

If someone cannot FIT into the Mold of the Core Values – every aspect that party touches – be it sales or implementation will become a point of frustration for everyone in the company, and worse, those outside of the company such as customers, vendors or the general public.

Even if you diligently choose your employees with care, at some point you’ll find yourself stuck in a core values mismatch. People and their situations change.

First – Measure the people involved. Do they fit the core values or not.
Second – Embrace the Problem – Be open and honest about the problem and face it head on.
Third – Take Action. The longer you allow this mismatch of core values to happen – the farther away success will be. Sometimes reshuffling the parties position is an answer, sometimes giving them time off to reflect is the answer, and sometimes Termination is the answer.

Friendships, Bonds, Even thinking that customers will be upset with the termination of an employee or even a team even places the company and its leadership in a hostage situation.

The only way to move forward is for Leadership to ensure they are NOT HOSTAGE to those who are a mismatch to the company core values.

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