Extending Your Capabilities

As a Wisp Consulting Firm, we help businesses grow with our unique combination of physical & human capital.... By Training and Hiring Awesome People displaced by the ever-changing employment environment - we give successful people a brand new Career Path, while capitalizing on their previous experience. We also pair each seasoned employee with an Intern just getting started in life.

True Diversity

The Connectivity Engineer squad is as diverse as they come. From college grads to drop-outs; pastors; former coal miners; former medics; corporate zombies; data entry specialists; developers; code wranglers ; geeks, nerds and a few inbetween; freelancers and failed entrepreneurs – we all have something to contribute.
This level of diversity was no happy accident; we’ve been able to fight our way through every puzzle we’ve faced. Are you ready for us to tackle your project and help your organization succeed?

Quality over Quantity

We value quality over quantity. Our core focus is on:
- 100% Transparency and Open communication
- Flexible modal, meeting emerging client needs and ever evolving technical advances.
- Matured Processes, Ringing alarm at right time if something is going to be bad.
- Evolving relationships, we try our level best to work real close with our clients
- Staying consistent, assuring reliability and sticking to the task. - Keeping the right people on our team, & valuing those who take the job seriously - Continuous learning, every single day is a new experience. We try not repeat mistakes
Client feedback drives our company’s direction.


Our Clients include small network providers, Schools, Governments and more....


WhiteLab Studios

New Era Broadband


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